History of Dutch family business Staadegaard

Major milestones since 1933

From the US to the Netherlands

Our major milestones have led to being one of the few companies offering agricultural machinery and equipment in the south of the Netherlands. In the beginning of the 20th century, the Dutch agricultural mechanization market was limited and undeveloped. There was no knowledge and the number of mechanized farmers therefore was small.

Nevertheless Simon Staadegaard was determined into becoming regional industry specialist with the experience he gained from living in the US. He cycled his way through the south of the Netherlands to repair machines and give advice to mechanized farmers. Because of the scarcity in (specialised) parts Simon made use of homemade components from demolished tractors he bought himself.

The new office in the center of Lieshout

Family business 

Through his passionate approach and increasing knowledge the company grew rapidly and even started crossing borders. These fruitful events led to greater needs and so Simon bought an office in the center of a village named Lieshout. Not long after that more family members became involved and Staadegaard started selling domestic items.

After a few years the property on the main street was being renewed and the family purchased a farm just outside the center which became the new showroom for the agricultural machines. Upcoming brand John Deere started taking notice of Staadegaard’s business and a dealercontract between the two was signed in 1969. Staadegaard was now proud seller of this exclusive agricultural brand. Mainly self-propelled harvesters were being sold and so the experience led up to expertise that is still being used worldwide.

Simon and his sister on John Deere harvesters

John Deere dealer

Signing the contract with John Deere was safe to say one of the best moves in the Staadegaard business history. Not only because it led to even bigger opportunities, a wider range of brands and more machines with high quality and reliability, John Deere still marks every major milestone we make.  

One of the first fairs of Staadegaard

New targetgroups

Yet another wave of expansion started in the late seventies by several acquisitions and building bigger outlets in multiple provinces.  Because of the related knowledge it felt like a logical step to start investing in the landscaping and grounds-, golf and sports turf- and governmental markets. Our personalized approach with farmers appears to be highly appreciated by other businesses and private customers, hence our positive image in these markets.

Staadegaard's large showroom in one of our outlets. 

Continuing to evolve through the customers perspective is what we strive for during the next years. We want to cross borders and share our passion for high quality machinery that every customer can rely on.

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