International agricultural machinery

Staadegaard features a wide range of machines and products from international brands for agricultural-, landscaping and grounds-, golf and sports turf- and governmental markets. We exclusively cover the south of the Netherlands as full-line John Deere dealer.  

Staadegaard was founded by Simon Staadegaard in 1933. What started as a one man’s business evolved rapidly into a modern and dynamic company, however still owned and managed by the 3rd Staadegaard generation.

Our professional and educated team of approximately 65 employees is busy with sales, service and customer care on a daily base from our four outlets in the south of the Netherlands. This way we are able to fulfil any of our regional clients wishes in the fastest and best way possible.  

Both private and professional international users are well known with our business philosophy of focussing on high quality, low maintenance and 24/7 customer care. We make sure the entire customer journey, starting from buyer’s advice to after sales is handled with great personalized service and direct communication.  

Machinery, parts and service

Not only do we specialize in machinery (brand new or used), we also have a wide range of parts in stock from all sorts of brands and know exactly what sort of component you need in order to maintain having a reliable machine. You can rely on our extensive knowledge, years of experience and modern equipment in our service centers. Because of this, we’re able to know and feel what is happening in your business like no other. Cooperating with Staadegaard enables you to work efficiently with high quality equipment at the lowest possible operating costs.

Crossing borders

The last couple of years we have been receiving more and more international requests for (used) machinery and highly customized orders. These opportunities have led to managing our business on an entirely different level. So far it has been a great challenge but we’re more than ready to cross even more borders and share our passion for machinery worldwide. Our export customers are just as important as our local customers which means the same great service, as fast as possible. Our serviceteam is fully bilingual educated, English and/or German communication is no issue. 

Curious what we can do for you? Contact our export salesmanager Richard Pubben (Tel. +31 6 25349881). Also, check out our current stock of used equipment HERE (multilingual).
See you at Staadegaard!

Management & staff

Richard Pubben international sales

(left: One of our showrooms, right: Export salesmanager Richard Pubben)