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In 2020 Staadegaard became part of the Kraakman company.

Staadegaard was founded by Simon Staadegaard in 1933. What started as a one man’s business evolved rapidly into a modern and dynamic company. After the company was managed by the 3rd Staadegaard generation, now we are known as Kraakman but still with the same extensive expertise.

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Kraakman features a wide range of machines and products from international brands for agricultural-, landscaping and grounds-, golf and sports turf- and governmental markets. We exclusively cover the south of the Netherlands as full-line John Deere dealer.

Our professional and educated team of approximately 70 employees caring about sales, service and customer care on a daily base from our four outlets in the south of the Netherlands. This is how we fulfil any of our regional clients wishes in the fastest and best way possible.

Both private and professional international users are well known with our business philosophy of focussing on high quality, low maintenance and 24/7 customer care. We make sure the entire customer journey, starting from buyer’s advice to after sales is handled with great personalized service and direct communication.

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